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I was so very blessed to have grown up with a strong connection to my grandmother. Annie May Bridgit Cameron. I was privileged to call her Nanny. To say she played a major role in my upbringing is an understatement. Nanny showed me how to read tea leaves and was the person who taught me how to “tell fortunes” from an old deck of playing cards at her kitchen table. She was also the person who bought me my first real Tarot deck.

It is because of her I have such a strong spiritual connection to the cards. Decks speak to me. Messages flow freely. Shuffling the cards is a way for me to relax and focus. The cards never lie! We may not fully understand what they are trying to communicate. But in time I believe all becomes clear. I feel Nanny with me every time I hold the cards in my hands and start to shuffle. She is my direct connection, my anchor to the other side. My Guardian Angel.

I truly hope that the shuffling of cards brings you as much peace and inner wisdom as it has brought me.

I ngrá agus i bhfianaise

(In love and light)


Card Readings

Karen offers a variety of Tarot Reading packages & pricing. Find the best package for YOU!

Tarot Salon

Perfect for the Beginner Tarot Reader. Pull up a chair and let the practice readings begin! Karen has created an intimate safe non-judgemental space for You and other like-minded individuals to come together to practice reading the Tarot.

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Want to learn how to read your own cards? Even better want to leverage Tarot for Holistic Healing & Personal Growth? then this is the course for You!

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