Card Readings with Intuitive Guidance

Readings are now being performed remotely & in-person.

You can choose to participate via video or request an email reading where no physical participation is required. However, Karen does ask your permission to connect energetically to your Spiritual Team (Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ancestors). Do NOT worry if you don’t know who they are because they KNOW who YOU are! This is a similar process she uses when she performs Distance Reiki energy healing.

Starting in April 2022 In-Person Readings will be offered locally @ Earthworks in Brampton. Call 905.454.4826 to schedule an in-person reading. (see below for dates/times)

Karen uses a mixture of Celtic Tarot, the traditional Rider Waite Smith, and a multitude of Oracle Cards to ensure you receive the most complete story and guidance. Prior to pulling the cards, she will go into mediation. All card selections will be guided from a higher source. During the meditation she will connect with your spirit team, asking them to step forward and provide wisdom & guidance to aid in delivering the message(s) specifically to empower & support you in your healing and spiritual growth.

In-Person Reading

30 minutes
* @Earthworks in Brampton

APRIL 2022 Available Dates/Times
April 2 11-4pm SOLD OUT
April 10 1-4pm Spots Available/Walk-ins Welcome
April 23 11-4pm Few spots left!
April 30 11-4pm Spots Available/Walk-ins Welcome

Investment $50

Email Reading

1 Question, 3 Card Pull

Message is delivered via email with picture of cards drawn. Email message is delivered 24 hrs after payment is received.

*Appointment time is required to ensure Karen has time to meditate and receive the most impactful message as it relates to your question.

Investment $20

45 minute Video Reading

45 minutes

*includes access to a downloadable video recording of the session.

Investment $65

60 minute Video Reading

60 minutes

*includes access to a downloadable video recording of the session.

Investment $80

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