Connecting to Your Ancestors

Tarot Spread

You have the ability to connect to your ancestors at any time in your spiritual journey. However, you may find it easier to connect at certain times during the year. For instance, on October 31st it is said that the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest. This makes it easier for us to connect to those who are no longer earth bound. I find it is also easier to connect to a specific ancestor on their birthday, anniversary of their death, or any other significant date of importance.

New Year’s Eve

is a perfect time to ask for ancestral guidance.

I developed these questions and spread layout to help facilitate a stronger connection to your ancestors.This spread can be used in conjunction to any significant day as it relates to the person you are trying to connect with.

Below is an actual real-life example of how you can use this “Connecting to Your Ancestors” Spread. NOTE: Four Major Arcana cards revealed in this spread card pull. The Major Arcana represents the bigger life events, and the significant lessons to be learned or gained along the way. Major Arcana cards have a stronger overall energy, made even more significant when you pull multiple Major Arcana card in a reading.

It is important to keep in mind that whatever card you pull for to represent the ancestor you are connecting to it is more about the personality characteristics and traits of that card and NOT the image pictured on the card. In the example below the card pulled to represent the ancestor connected to in this reading is the “Justice” card and the image is male. It does not mean that this card represents a male ancestor, all thought it could be, it could also be the personality and traits of an ancestor that is female. The same holds true if the Major Arcana card has a Zodiac sign associated with it. It could mean it is a person who has that sign or the traits of a person with that sign. In the example below the “Justice” card is associated with the Libra zodiac sign.

Sample Reading

Connecting to Your Ancestors

Reading Details

Card 1 Represents the energy in the present moment.

Pulled: Nine of Swords

Overwhelming & Anxiousness in one’s own thoughts. Hard to keep your mind focused and clear. Feeling of chaos. Feeling of hopelessness. Mental stress. Dark night of the soul.

Card 2 Represents the Bridge and or connection to the Ancestors From this card can you determine which Ancestor is coming forward to bring you your message?

Pulled: 11-Justice* (Libra)

Great responsibility while administering fairness. This card deals with the justice of one’s karma. Understanding the truth of the past and the role it plays in the events of the future. Weighing the pros and cons of a situation.

Card 3 Represents the message from the Ancestor

Pulled: Page of Shields (Pentacles)

Do not lose focus. You are on the right track or know the direction you need to take. Making your dreams a reality. Study, education, foundation, scholarship. You don’t want to be the master of all trades. You need to fine tune your direction. Really dig deep to determine and identify your abilities and talents.

Card 4 Represents the message from the Ancestor

Pulled: 15 - The Shadow* (The Devil) Capricorn

Message materialism working with one’s shadow self being ignorant. To the situation at hand. What is being presented is a hard pill to swallow. Feeling of being trapped.

Card 5 Represents the obstacle holding you back

Pulled: 10 - The Wheel of Fortune*

Deals with karma. Nothing is in your control. Everything id out there for the taking. Change is coming there is a twist coming that may surprise you. Energy of Jupiter.

Card 6 Represents the Resulted Energy shift – if you follow your Ancestors guidance.

Pulled: The Fool*

New journey. Taking a leap of faith. Trust and proceed even if you can see the end. Living in the moment enjoying what you have. Energy of Uranus

Deck(s) used: Celtic Tarot by Kristoffer Hughes & Chris Downs

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